About Maxam

Maxam Capital Management Ltd. is an independent alternative investment management firm located in Vancouver, Canada 

Our Philosophy

Maxam was founded with the philosophy that an active, opportunistic and disciplined approach to investing provides the best opportunity for the generation of long-term positive returns through a variety of market environments. Maxam launched the Maxam Diversified Strategies Fund in 2009 and the Maxam Arbitrage Fund in 2020. Our goal of providing strong risk-adjusted returns to our investors remains core to our investment philosophy and approach today.

We believe that investment managers should be directly aligned with their clients. Maxam’s partners, employees and families are significant investors in our fund – this means our interests are directly aligned with our investors.

Our portfolio of holdings is actively constructed from the bottom-up with a focus on both reward and risk.  We seek to invest in companies where we have identified fundamental value, or hidden value,  and an associated catalyst or event that will unlock that value.

We endeavor to take advantage of opportunities related to company-specific events, catalysts and market volatility.

We enjoy the flexibility of being able to employ a variety of strategies and techniques to generate returns and manage risk.

Our Team

Our team of professionals possess a diverse background of skills and experience in the capital markets.

Travis Dowle, CFA

President & Fund Manager

Brian Hikisch, CFA

Fund Manager

Ben Macfadyen, CFA


Colton Cyr, CIM


Sanket Karve

Investment Analyst